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    New Holland Tractor History

    new-holland-t8050-1.jpgNew Holland started with a corn mill in Pennsylvania built in 1895. The company expanded into farm implments and found success with automatic hay balers. The firm was acquired by Ford in 1985, and the Ford-New Holland name began to appear on tractors. In 1990, Ford sold a majority interest in its farm machinery operations to FIAT, with the agreement that the Ford name be dropped in ten years. Many tractors began to be released under two names, New Holland in traditional Ford markets, and FIAT in their traditional markets. In 1999, CaseIH and FIAT/New Holland merged to form CNH Global, which continutes to built tractors under the New Holland brand.

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    New Holland farm tractors
    1120 1215
    1220 1320
    1520 1530
    1620 1630
    1715 1720
    1725 1920
    1925 2120
    3010 3030
    3415 4010
    4635 4835
    5010 5030
    5610 5610S
    5635 5640
    6610S 6635
    6640 7610S
    7630 7630
    7635 7740
    7810S 7840
    8010 8010HC
    8030 8030
    8240 8340
    8670 8770
    8870 8970
    9184 9280
    9282 9384
    9480 9482
    9484 9680
    9682 9684
    9880 9882
    9884 Boomer 8N
    Boomer 20 Boomer 24
    Boomer 25 Boomer 30
    Boomer 33 Boomer 35
    Boomer 37 Boomer 40
    Boomer 41 Boomer 47
    Boomer 50 Boomer 1020
    Boomer 1025 Boomer 1030
    Boomer 2030 Boomer 2035
    Boomer 3040 Boomer 3045
    Boomer 3050 Boomer 4055
    Boomer 4060 T4.100
    T4.105 T4.115
    T4.55 T4.65
    T4.75 T4.75
    T4.85 T4.90
    T4.95 T5.105
    T5.105 Electro Command T5.115
    T5.115 Electro Command T5.95
    T6.120 T6.140
    T6.150 T6.155
    T6.160 T6.165
    T6.175 T7.170
    T7.185 T7.200
    T7.210 T7.220
    T7.235 T7.250
    T7.260 T7.270
    T8.275 T8.300
    T8.330 T8.360
    T8.390 T8.420
    T9.390 T9.435
    T9.450 T9.480
    T9.505 T9.530
    T9.560 T9.565
    T9.600 T9.600 SmartTrax II
    T9.615 T9.645
    T9.645 SmartTrax II T9.670
    T9.700 T9.700 SmartTrax II
    T1010 T1030
    T1110 T1510
    T1520 T1530
    T2210 T2220
    T2310 T2320
    T2330 T2410
    T2420 T3010
    T3020 T3030
    T3040 T4020
    T4030 T4030F
    T4030V T4040
    T4040F T4040V
    T4050 T4050F
    T4050V T5040
    T5050 T5060
    T5070 T6010
    T6020 Elite T6020 Delta
    T6020 Plus T6030 Elite
    T6030 Delta T6030 Plus
    T6040 Elite T6050 Elite
    T6050 Delta T6050 Plus
    T6060 Elite T6070 Elite
    T6070 Plus T6080 Elite
    T7030 T7040
    T7050 T7060
    T7070 T7530
    T7550 T8010
    T8020 T8030
    T8040 T8050
    T9020 T9030
    T9040 T9050
    T9060 TB100
    TB110 TB120
    TC18 TC21
    TC21DA TC23DA
    TC24DA TC24D
    TC25 TC26DA
    TC29 TC29DA
    TC30 TC31DA
    TC33 TC33DA
    TC34DA TC35
    TC35A TC40
    TC40A TC45
    TC45A TC48DA
    TC55DA TD75D
    TD80D TD85D
    TD95D TD5010
    TD5020 TD5030
    TD5030 TD5040
    TD5050 TD5050HC
    TD5050 TG210
    TG215 TG230
    TG245 TG255
    TG275 TG285
    TG305 TJ275
    TJ280 TJ325
    TJ330 TJ375
    TJ380 TJ425
    TJ430 TJ450
    TJ480 TJ500
    TJ530 TK76
    TK80 TK85
    TK100 TK4030V
    TK4050 TK4050M
    TK4060 TL70
    TL70A TL80
    TL80A TL80A
    TL90 TL90A
    TL90A TL100
    TL100A TL100A
    TL5040 TL5050
    TL5060 TM115
    TM120 TM125
    TM130 TM135
    TM140 TM150
    TM155 TM165
    TM175 TM190
    TN55 TN60A
    TN60DA TN60SA
    TN65 TN70
    TN70A TN70DA
    TN70SA TN75
    TN75A TN75DA
    TN75SA TN75FA
    TN85 TN85A
    TN85DA TN85FA
    TN90 TN95F
    TN95A TN95DA
    TN95FA TS6.110
    TS6.120 TS6.120 High-Clearance
    TS6.125 TS6.140
    TS90 TS100
    TS100A TS110
    TS115A TS125A
    TS135A TS6020
    TS6030 TS6030 High-Clearance
    TT45A TT50A
    TT55 TT60A
    TT75 TT75A
    TV140 TV145
    TV6070 TZ18DA
    TZ21D TZ22DA
    TZ24DA TZ24D
    TZ25DA Workmaster 35
    Workmaster 40 Workmaster 45
    Workmaster 55 Workmaster 65
    Workmaster 75  

    New Holland industrial tractors
    U80 U80B

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