Farm tractors

The database lists 268 tractor manufacturers. The data is being updated constantly. If you know of a tractor brand that is not listed, please contact me. All tractor brands:
AGCO59 tractors1995-201122-425 hp
AGCO Allis39 tractors1991-200150-250 hp
ATC18 tractors1950-195725-62 hp
Acremaster6 tractors1978-1984210-515 hp
Advance-Rumely16 tractors1910-193122-84 hp
Ag King4 tractors20-45 hp
AgTrac3 tractors2007-201725-35 hp
AgraCat8 tractors2001-200420-35 hp
Agri-Power7 tractors1982-198746-133 hp
Agria Hispania1 tractor  1970-198016 hp
Agrico6 tractors228-550 hp
Agrinar7 tractors80-182 hp
Allis Chalmers106 tractors1914-198511-305 hp
Antonio Carraro30 tractors31-95 hp
Apollo6 tractors2007-202225-110 hp
ArmaTrac8 tractors57-73 hp
Ascot Universal4 tractors1972-199127-180 hp
Aultman & Taylor5 tractors1911-192333-89 hp
Avery15 tractors1909-194111-88 hp
B.F. Avery4 tractors1916-19519-27 hp
Baldwin6 tractors1979-1986290-600 hp
Barreiros15 tractors1964-198035-77 hp
Belarus151 tractors1946-202118-300 hp
Benye18 tractors22-80 hp
Best3 tractors1913-192533-83 hp
Big Bud30 tractors1970-1990250-960 hp
Bima7 tractors1983-1993287-400 hp
Bobcat24 tractors2008-202421-57 hp
Bolens19 tractors1978-199115-29 hp
Bolinder-Munktell8 tractors1913-196120-46 hp
Bombardier1 tractor  1984-199420 hp
Branson74 tractors2000-202419-78 hp
Bristol4 tractors1949-196622 hp
Brockway2 tractors1949-1952
Buhler Versatile16 tractors1991-2020113-575 hp
Bukh12 tractors1956-196830-100 hp
C.O.D. Tractor Company1 tractor  1915-191927 hp
CBT22 tractors1984-19931-310 hp
CO-OP15 tractors1936-195720-54 hp
Cabelas8 tractors2013-201624-74 hp
Cameco10 tractors1967-2006106-600 hp
Captain11 tractors2003-202411-28 hp
Carraro23 tractors26-96 hp
Case173 tractors1912-198418-400 hp
CaseIH499 tractors1982-202416-620 hp
Caterpillar54 tractors1925-199115-400 hp
Centaur3 tractors1935-195027 hp
Century17 tractors2002-200629-48 hp
Challenger173 tractors1987-202422-663 hp
Chamberlain27 tractors1949-198648-163 hp
Chery79 tractors2012-202218-210 hp
Claas125 tractors1995-202446-520 hp
Cletrac24 tractors1916-195317-162 hp
Cockshutt43 tractors1935-197520-145 hp
Corbitt3 tractors1949-195238 hp
County20 tractors1945-198427-188 hp
Cub Cadet43 tractors1996-201119-48 hp
Custom6 tractors1947-195452-62 hp
Daedong27 tractors2007-201721-92 hp
David Brown34 tractors1947-198414-100 hp
Deere1007 tractors1918-202410-631 hp
Denning4 tractors1912-191813-33 hp
Deutz50 tractors1934-198110-160 hp
Deutz-Allis34 tractors1984-199018-214 hp
Deutz-Fahr201 tractors1972-202424-316 hp
Dongfeng26 tractors20-90 hp
Dutra10 tractors1958-197528-130 hp
Eagle14 tractors25-80 hp
Eagle Manufacturing13 tractors1913-193817-50 hp
EarthForce15 tractors1995-200225-83 hp
Earthmaster6 tractors1948-1958
East Wind5 tractors24-55 hp
Ebro13 tractors1960-198547-82 hp
Eicher14 tractors1992-201224-60 hp
Empire2 tractors1946-194840 hp
Erkunt32 tractors2010-202049-111 hp
Escorts1 tractor  35 hp
Fahr64 tractors1938-196111-65 hp
Farm Pro14 tractors2002-201220-82 hp
Farmall90 tractors1924-197610-183 hp
Farmtrac27 tractors1998-200827-114 hp
Fate-Root-Heath2 tractors1933-193720 hp
Fendt284 tractors1937-202412-663 hp
Ferguson12 tractors1936-195812-36 hp
Fiat165 tractors1919-200220-350 hp
Fiat-Hesston48 tractors1959-199238-360 hp
Force Motors5 tractors2006-201627-50 hp
Ford206 tractors1939-200012-360 hp
Ford-New Holland15 tractors1982-200034-155 hp
Fordson10 tractors1917-196420-54 hp
Fortschritt10 tractors1949-199015-180 hp
Foton26 tractors19-125 hp
Fox River Tractor Company2 tractors1920-192238-44 hp
Friday1 tractor  1948-195950 hp
GBT2 tractors1976-197827 hp
Galloway2 tractors1916-191922 hp
General Ordnance3 tractors1918-192017-31 hp
Gibson8 tractors1947-19586-40 hp
Graham-Bradley2 tractors1938-193933 hp
Haas3 tractors
Happy Farmer6 tractors1917-192313-26 hp
Hart-Parr21 tractors1901-193522-111 hp
Hefty3 tractors1974-197827 hp
Heider5 tractors1911-192711-30 hp
Hesston48 tractors1959-199238-360 hp
Hinomoto77 tractors1968-199510-42 hp
Hitachi27 tractors10-54 hp
Holder15 tractors1956-200912-60 hp
Holt4 tractors1913-192528-83 hp
Huber26 tractors1911-194121-77 hp
Hurlimann66 tractors1979-201725-263 hp
IMR Rakovica15 tractors1951-201333-132 hp
IMT30 tractors1961-201535-360 hp
Ingersoll Rand3 tractors2005-200731-56 hp
International Harvester268 tractors1908-198512-350 hp
Interstate Tractor3 tractors1916-192022-33 hp
Iseki281 tractors1964-20249-112 hp
Ivel Agricultural Motors1 tractor  1903-192024 hp
J.I. Case173 tractors1912-198418-400 hp
JCB27 tractors1991-2024115-335 hp
Jackson3 tractors1968-1972160-265 hp
Jacobsen1 tractor  1983-199045 hp
Jeep3 tractors1947-196860-75 hp
Jinma29 tractors2007-201716-75 hp
John Deere1007 tractors1918-202410-631 hp
Johnson Manufacturing1 tractor  1935-194120 hp
KAMCO1 tractor  15 hp
Keck-Gonnerman7 tractors1917-193713-66 hp
Kioti107 tractors1986-202417-140 hp
Kirovets31 tractors1962-2024140-516 hp
Knudson5 tractors1974-1983360-400 hp
Komatsu3 tractors2006-201776-95 hp
Kubota701 tractors1962-20249-200 hp
LS117 tractors2009-202420-102 hp
Lamborghini77 tractors1961-201833-266 hp
Landini184 tractors1957-202435-181 hp
Lanz71 tractors1921-19688-60 hp
Le Roi2 tractors1945-196535-42 hp
Leader11 tractors1913-194916-44 hp
Lenar9 tractors1999-200818-40 hp
Leyland24 tractors1969-198428-100 hp
Limb2 tractors2005-201558-82 hp
Lindner5 tractors64-97 hp
Long33 tractors1948-200526-120 hp
M-R-S16 tractors1962-1980123-238 hp
Mahindra131 tractors1965-202418-125 hp
Mahindra Gujarat4 tractors2006-201631-45 hp
Marshall24 tractors1908-199718-94 hp
Massey Ferguson700 tractors1956-202416-425 hp
Massey-Harris45 tractors1918-195812-78 hp
McConnell-Marc6 tractors1991-200523-425 hp
McCormick Intl197 tractors2000-202421-280 hp
McCormick-Deering43 tractors1923-196716-72 hp
McCulloch1 tractor  1965-197020 hp
McKee4 tractors1975-198547-78 hp
Memo12 tractors1987-198845-188 hp
Mercedes-Benz15 tractors1972-199165-180 hp
Merlin6 tractors75-140 hp
Minneapolis11 tractors1911-192927-88 hp
Minneapolis-Moline68 tractors1934-197424-169 hp
Minot5 tractors2006-200820-30 hp
Mitsubishi193 tractors1970-202412-74 hp
Montana34 tractors2004-200923-88 hp
Montgomery Ward3 tractors1941-195220 hp
Muir-Hill7 tractors1968-198384-185 hp
Müller12 tractors1976-2015122-310 hp
New Holland474 tractors1982-202414-620 hp
NorTrac8 tractors1986-199020-82 hp
Nuffield14 tractors1948-196916-65 hp
Oliver81 tractors1935-197420-169 hp
Parrett4 tractors1915-193722-33 hp
Pasquali44 tractors1970-201317-90 hp
Pioneer Tractor4 tractors1910-192726-66 hp
Porsche4 tractors1957-196314-50 hp
RK Tractors11 tractors2017-202419-74 hp
Raba9 tractors1934-200115-320 hp
Ranch Hand6 tractors
Ransomes5 tractors1936-19666-8 hp
Renault198 tractors1926-200320-260 hp
Rhino31 tractors1995-199916-65 hp
Rock Island3 tractors1927-193227-38 hp
Rome4 tractors1976-1986375-600 hp
Rumely16 tractors1910-193122-84 hp
SAME161 tractors1958-201325-277 hp
SOMECA4 tractors1961-196338-55 hp
Samson7 tractors1912-192213-31 hp
Satoh44 tractors1972-198411-39 hp
Saukville2 tractors37 hp
Saunderson6 tractors1916-193225-50 hp
Schilter8 tractors
Schluter108 tractors1953-200322-500 hp
Schramm7 tractors1948-198041-190 hp
Sears1 tractor  1938-1939
Shaktimaan2 tractors2006-201630-35 hp
Sheppard Diesel6 tractors1949-19564-51 hp
Shibaura112 tractors1972-202411-105 hp
Silver King23 tractors1936-195720-37 hp
Simplicity3 tractors1978-198318-28 hp
Simpson Jumbo2 tractors1947-1949
Siromer5 tractors20-43 hp
Skoda-LIAZ1 tractor  1972-1992180 hp
Solis9 tractors2013-202420-110 hp
Sonalika17 tractors2006-201630-90 hp
Square Turn1 tractor  1917-192138 hp
Steiger88 tractors1958-1987118-525 hp
Steyr160 tractors1947-202414-320 hp
Stihl5 tractors1948-196112-20 hp
Summit Tractors1 tractor  2022-202424 hp
Suzue11 tractors1977-198011-17 hp
Swaraj8 tractors24-72 hp
TAFE12 tractors1995-200024-60 hp
TYM66 tractors1991-202419-145 hp
Taishan-America3 tractors1983-198512-50 hp
Terraplane8 tractors2002-200425-98 hp
Terrion11 tractors2008-2023140-394 hp
Thieman Harvester1 tractor  1936-194240 hp
Toro1 tractor  1920-192711 hp
Turner-Simplicity2 tractors1915-192022-27 hp
Twin City15 tractors1916-193822-105 hp
Tytan9 tractors30-85 hp
UTB/Universal46 tractors1963-200426-180 hp
Unimog1 tractor  1956-196030 hp
Unitrak1 tractor  1949-195512 hp
Upton5 tractors1969-1978180-350 hp
Ursus66 tractors1959-201125-187 hp
VST5 tractors2013-202417-27 hp
Valmet87 tractors1952-200312-200 hp
Valpadana22 tractors1984-199411-74 hp
Valtra118 tractors2001-202452-395 hp
Ventrac16 tractors1998-202418-32 hp
Versatile94 tractors1966-202471-605 hp
Volvo42 tractors1943-198322-155 hp
Wagner8 tractors1955-1969102-250 hp
Wallis7 tractors1910-193222-57 hp
Waltanna19 tractors1978-1988150-400 hp
Waterloo Boy8 tractors1912-192416-27 hp
Waterloo Manufacturing Company1 tractor  1948-195011 hp
Wetmore1 tractor  1919-193827 hp
White70 tractors1971-200116-325 hp
Wingin4 tractors18-90 hp
Wisconsin Tractor5 tractors1913-192333-50 hp
Woods & Copeland4 tractors1971-1976301-600 hp
Wuzheng7 tractors2006-201615-39 hp
XTZ26 tractors1989-202411-242 hp
YTO39 tractors17-177 hp
Yanmar226 tractors1966-202410-97 hp
Zanello13 tractors1992-2001117-303 hp
Zetor251 tractors1946-202415-180 hp
Zetor Zebra6 tractors1992-199723-45 hp
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