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    Kubota Tractor History

    kubota/l5740-1.jpgEstablished in 1890, the Kubota Corporation has a long history of manufacturing agricultural machinery in Japan. With an excellent line of compact tractors, necessary on smaller Japanese farms, Kubota entered the North American market in 1969. In 1974, Kubota introduced a 12 HP four-wheel drive tractor in the US. Prior to that point, US manufacturers did not use four-wheel drive except in the largest models.

    The popularity and low price of Kubota tractors led to a number of "grey market" imports of Japanese models into North America. These models lack safety equipment required in the US such as PTO shields and seatbelts. Kubota won a lawsuit in 1997 to make it illegal to distribute these tractors.

    Kubota Corporation - official site

    Kubota farm tractors
    B1-14 B1-15 B1-16
    B1-17 B21 B40
    B1200 B1400 B1402
    B1410 B1500 B1502
    B1550 B1600 B1610
    B1700 B1702 B1750
    B1902 B2100 B2150
    B2320N B2320 B2400
    B2410 B2620 B2630
    B2650 B2710 B2910
    B2920 B3030 B3200
    B3300SU B3350 B3350SU
    B4200 B5000 B5001
    B5100 B5200 B6000
    B6001 B6100 B6100HST
    B6200 B6200HST B7000
    B7001 B7100 B7100HST
    B7200 B7300 B7400
    B7410 B7500 B7510
    B7610 B7800 B8200
    B9200 BX1500 BX1800
    BX1830 BX1850 BX1860
    BX1870 BX2200 BX2230
    BX2350 BX2360 BX2370
    BX2660 BX2670 L1-225
    L1-18 L1-20 L1-22
    L1-24 L1-26 L1-28
    L1-185 L1-195 L1-205
    L1-215 L1-235 L1-245
    L1-255 L175 L185
    L200 L210 L225
    L235 L245 L260
    L275 L285 L295
    L305 L345 L355
    L1500 L1501 L1802
    L2000 L2002 L2050
    L2200 L2201 L2202
    L2250 L2350 L2402
    L2500 L2501 L2550
    L2600 L2601 L2602
    L2650 L2800 L2802
    L2850 L2900 L2950
    L3000 L3010 L3130
    L3200 L3202 L3240
    L3250 L3300 L3301
    L3350 L3400 L3410
    L3430 L3450 L3500
    L3540 L3560 L3600
    L3602 L3650 L3700SU
    L3710 L3750 L3800
    L3830 L3901 L3940
    L4060 L4150 L4150DTN
    L4200 L4202 L4240
    L4300 L4310 L4330
    L4350 L4400 L4600
    L4610 L4630 L4701
    L4740 L4760 L4850
    L5030 L5040 L5060
    L5240 L5450 L5460
    L5740 L6060 M7.131
    M7.151 M7.171 M95S
    M95X M96SHDM M96S
    M100X M100GX M105S
    M105X M108X M108S
    M108SDSL M110 M110X
    M110GX M120 M125X
    M126X M126X Power Krawler M126GX
    M128X M135X M135GX
    M4000 M4030 M4030SU
    M4050 M4500 M4500-OC
    M4700 M4800SU M4900
    M4950 M5030 M5040
    M5140 M5400 M5500
    M5640SU M5700 M5950
    M5970 M6030 M6040
    M6040HDN M6060 M6800
    M6950 M6970 M7030
    M7040 M7040SU M7040HDN
    M7060 M7500 M7580
    M7950 M7950DTM M7950HC
    M7970 M8030 M8200
    M8540 M8540 Power Krawler M8540HDN
    M8560 M8580 M8950
    M8970 M9000 M9000DTM
    M9000DTL M9540 M9540 Low Profile
    M9960 M10570 MX4700
    MX4800 MX5000 MX5000SU
    MX5100 MX5200 RV

    Kubota backhoe-loader tractors
    B20 B26 BX22
    BX23 BX24 BX25
    BX25D L35 L39
    L45 L48 M59

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