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Shibaura model PF21 tractorShibaura was founded in 1950 as a joint venture between Toshiba and Ishikawajima Harima Industries (IHI). The company started with the manufacture of engines and garden tractors, and began building compact tractors in 1961. Shibaura built several models of compact tractors for Ford-New Holland.

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Also Shibaura Lawn tractors
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SU110011 hpunknown
SU114011 hpunknown
SD130012 hpunknown
SE130013 hpunknown
SE134013 hpunknown
SU130113 hp1976 - 1986
SU134113 hp1976 - 1986
SP140014 hp1985 - 1995
SP144014 hp1985 - 1995
S70014 hp1972 - 1982
SD1540B14 hpunknown
P15F15 hpunknown
SD150015 hp1979 - 1981
SU150015 hpunknown
SU154015 hpunknown
SD164316 hpunknown
SE160016 hpunknown
SE164016 hpunknown
SL160316 hpunknown
SL164316 hpunknown
P17F17 hpunknown
SP174017 hpunknown
SP180017 hpunknown
SP184017 hpunknown
SD180018 hpunknown
SD184318 hpunknown
ST31818 hpunknown
P19F19 hpunknown
S32020 hpunknown
SD200020 hp1977 - 1978
SD200320 hp1979 - 1989
SD204020 hp1977 - 1978
SD204320 hp1979 - 1989
SP210020 hpunknown
SP214020 hpunknown
P21F21 hpunknown
ST32121 hpunknown
SX2121 hpunknown
SD180322 hpunknown
SD184022 hpunknown
SD220022 hp1977 - 1978
SD220322 hpunknown
SD224022 hp1977 - 1978
SD224322 hpunknown
SE220022 hpunknown
SE224022 hpunknown
D23F23 hpunknown
SD240324 hp1979 - 1989
ST32424 hpunknown
SX2424 hpunknown
SD250024 hpunknown
SP250024 hpunknown
SP254024 hpunknown
S32525 hp1989 - 1999
SE250025 hpunknown
SE254025 hpunknown
SD260026 hp1977 - 1978
SD260326 hp1979 - 1989
SD260426 hpunknown
SD264026 hp1977 - 1978
SD264326 hp1979 - 1989
SD280327 hp1982 - 1992
SD284327 hp1982 - 1992
D28F28 hpunknown
ST32929 hpunknown
S33030 hp1989 - 1999
SD300030 hp1977 - 1980
SE300030 hpunknown
SE304030 hpunknown
ST33030 hp2016 -
SD320332 hpunknown
SD324332 hpunknown
ST33333 hp2016 -
S43538 hpunknown
SD400038 hp1977 - 1980
SD390339 hpunknown
SD394339 hpunknown
SD400340 hp1979 - 1989
SD404340 hp1979 - 1989
SE400040 hpunknown
SE404040 hpunknown
ST44040 hpunknown
SD434043 hp1977 - 1980
S44545 hpunknown
ST44545 hpunknown
SD460346 hpunknown
SD464346 hpunknown
SP500049 hpunknown
SP504049 hpunknown
SD5040T50 hp1977 - 1980
V450F50 hpunknown
SE534052 hp1983 - 1987
SE530653 hpunknown
SE534653 hpunknown
SP600059 hpunknown
SP604059 hpunknown
V460F60 hpunknown
SE630063 hp1983 - 1987
SE634063 hpunknown
SE730073 hpunknown
SE7300T73 hpunknown
SE734073 hpunknown
SE7340T73 hpunknown
V475F74 hpunknown
SE790079 hpunknown
SE794079 hpunknown
SE830083 hpunknown
SE830583 hpunknown
SE834083 hpunknown
V490F88 hpunknown
SF1000T105 hpunknown
SF1040T105 hpunknown

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