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LS R-series compact tractorLS Tractors began as a division of Hyundai. The tractor division was purchased by GoldStar in 1983. In 1995, it was renamed LG Tractors when GoldStar changed its name. The engineering group split off from LG in 2005 and was renamed LS. LS supplied tractors to Montana for the US market until 2009, when LS Tractor USA was created to sell directly.

LS Tractors - official site
LS Tractor USA - offical site

C303028 hp2009 - 2010
G3333 hpunknown
G3838 hpunknown
G303333 hp2011 -
G3033H33 hp2011 -
G303838 hp2011 -
G3038H38 hp2011 -
J2323 hpunknown
J2727 hpunknown
J2020H23 hp2009 -
J2023H23 hp2014 -
J2030H27 hp2009 -
K504747 hp2014 -
K505555 hp2014 -
KR4543 hpunknown
KR5047 hpunknown
KR6056 hpunknown
LT280D28 hpunknown
LT330HST32 hpunknown
LT36038 hpunknown
LT450D43 hpunknown
N4143 hpunknown
N4749 hpunknown
N5357 hpunknown
N6057 hpunknown
P701072 hp2009 -
P703088 hp2009 -
P704097 hp2009 -
PS7071 hpunknown
PS8079 hpunknown
PS9087 hpunknown
PS10095 hpunknown
R2828 hpunknown
R3234 hpunknown
R3638 hpunknown
R4141 hpunknown
R5047 hpunknown
R6056 hpunknown
R303938 hp2011 -
R3039H38 hp2011 -
R401041 hp2009 - 2010
R4010H41 hp2009 - 2010
R402047 hp2009 - 2010
R4020H47 hp2009 - 2010
R404141 hp2011 -
R4041EZ41 hp2011 -
R4041H41 hp2011 -
R404747 hp2011 -
R4047EZ47 hp2011 -
R4047H47 hp2011 -
S301028 hp2009 - 2011
Topa 2727 hpunknown
Topa 3232 hpunknown
U5047 hpunknown
U6056 hpunknown
U502047 hp2009 -
U503055 hp2009 -
U602057 hpunknown
U603062 hpunknown
XJ2020 hpunknown
XJ2524 hpunknown
XP708686 hp2016 -
XP709595 hp2016 -
XP7102102 hp2016 -
XR4543 hpunknown
XR5047 hpunknown
XR6055 hpunknown
XR303232 hp2013 -
XR3032H32 hp2013 -
XR303736 hp2013 -
XR3037H36 hp2013 -
XR404040 hp2013 -
XR4040H40 hp2013 -
XR404646 hp2013 -
XR4046H46 hp2013 -
XU5555 hpunknown
XU6565 hpunknown
XU505555 hp2013 -
XU506565 hp2013 -
i2828 hpunknown
i3638 hpunknown
i3838 hpunknown
i303028 hp2009 - 2010
i3030H28 hp2009 - 2010
i304038 hp2009 - 2010
i3040H38 hp2009 - 2010
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