1975 Ford Lawn and Garden Allied Attachments

This brochure, publication AD-8085, highlights attachments and accessories that were available for the Ford lawn and garden tractors in the mid-1970s in the United States.

The brochure is divided into three sections:

Note that this is for historical reference only, these products are not currently available.

36-inch aerator roller Aerator-Roller, 36-in. (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Aerate and roll in a single pass with this machine hitched to your Ford LGT. Improves efficiency of fertilizing establish sod - aids in seedbed preparation. Use roller alone, with aerator in transport position. Has weight trays, safety shielding. Seam-welded roller hold 31 gallons of ballast. Available in two models - one with slicing type aerator, the other with coring type aerator. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
aerator spiker Aerators, Spiker, (Kensico Mfg. Co., Inc.)
Aerate or do light cultivating with this handy spiker-aerator. Teeth are beveled on one edge to permit rough or smooth spiking. Spring-loaded shaft lets teeth tip, reducing tearing of turf on turns. Roller bearings with grease fittings. Welded frame with weight tray. Torque-tube tongue rotates, eliminating twist on tractor hitch. Choose a 32-in. single gang, a 38-in. single gang, or an 88-in. 3-gang model. For all Ford Models.
30-inch aerator Aerator, 30-in. (Hahn Inc.)
Get air, water and nutrients to the grass root zone with a Hahn aerator hitched to your Ford LGT or Rider Mower. Patented "scoops" scoop out cores of soil, leave ground loose and softer. giving grass a new lease on life. Free-rolling unit uses 40 spoons to aerate a 30-in. strip. Depth bar and transport wheels are standard. For all Ford models except Riding Mowers.
48-inch aerator Aerator, 48-in. (Hahn Inc.)
For large area operations, aerate with this heavy-duty unit from Hahn. The Aeri-Boy" is similar to the 30-in. model, 90 spoons mounted on 18-in. discs till a 48-in. swath. Triplex hitch is available to gang three units to cover 12 feet at a pass. High speed roller bearings permit aerator to be flipped over and towed on its own wheels. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
60-inch rear blade Blade, 60-in. Rear (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Level, grade, landscape or remove snow with this heavy-gauge 5-ft steel blade. Attaches quickly to 3-point Category "0" hitch. Does not require removal of middle or front-mounted equipment. May be angled 15 or 30 degrees to either side or reversed for backfilling. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs w/3-point hitch.
42-inch blade and scarifier Blade and Scarifier, 42-in. Rear (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Ideal for light duty scarifying and leveling. Husky 42-in. steel blade may be angled 15 or 30 degrees to either side or reversed for backfilling. Reversible scarifier bar provides for crust breaking. Manual down pressure lever and end wings are standard equipment. Requires new sleeve hitch on tractor. For Ford 100, 120, 145, 165 LGTs.
roller leveler Roller-Leveler Kit (Brinly Hardy Co.)
For use with Brinly Hardy BB-360 blade only. Rollers attach behind the blade, giving a road-grader and land-leveler effect. Gauges blade for accurate cutting of high areas, filling of low areas. Control blade cutting depth by adjusting roller crank or by raising and lowering tractor drawbar. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
center mounted blade Blades, 42-in. and 50-in. Center Mounted (Johnson Hydraulic Equipment Company)
Do precise leveling with a center-mounted blade. Tractor wheels act as gauge wheels, help prevent jumping or gouging. Blade positions straight ahead or angles 20 degrees right or left. 6-in. deep double-bevel blade of high carbon steel gives long life. Two sizes, 42 and 52 inches. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
lift boom Boom Attachment (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Let your tractor lift and transport bulky objects. This lift boom mounts on Category "0" 3-point. Lift boom, hook and attaching parts are included. Lift range is adjustable. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs w/3-point hitch.
front-mounted broom Broom, 48-in. Front Mounted (Jenkins Equipment Co.)
You'll find dozens of uses for this front mounted broom with plastic brush shield. Utilizes tractor PTO pulley/clutch for economy. 48x26-in. brush with long wearing polypropylene bristles, raised and lowered by tractor lift system. Model No. C-48F. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
Jenkins pickup broom Broom, 48-in. Pick-up (Jenkins Equipment Co.)
Sweep clean with this 4-ft Sweepster, 48x26-inch brush with polypropylene bristles gives long life. Powered by 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. 4 cu ft steel hopper standard, 23 bushel canvas hopper optional. Clutch on brush drive controlled from tractor seat. Gutter brush available. For Ford 100, 102, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
Mars pickup broom Broom, 48-in. Pick-Up (Mars Industries, Inc.)
This tow-behind unit picks up almost anything - dirt, gravel, sand, broken glass from hard surfaces - leaves, clippings and debris from turf areas. Has own engine. Hopper capacities from 7 to 20 cubic feet. An excellent choice for industrial plants, educational institutions, recreational areas, estates and others. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
utility cart Cart, convertible (Owning Industries, Inc.)
Recreation or utility. Basic cart hauls 11 cu ft load. Handle available for dumping and resetting from driver's seat. Tilts front or rear for flat bed position. Seat and canopy are available for passenger use. Can also be fitted with a serving top, making it a portable bar/serving center for cookouts, picnics. Also available is a 50 gallon, high-pressure spraying system. For all Ford models except Riding Mowers.
tractor mounted dump cart Cart Mounted Dump (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Utility carrier for hauling trash, dirt, leaves, fertilizer, firewood - almost anything weighing up to 150 lbs. One piece seamless tray. Lever-type spring latch releases easily for dumping. Cart attaches to sleeve with with a single pin. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
spring shank cultivator Cultivator, Spring Shank (Brinly Hardy Co.)
One-row unit with adjustable frame. Eight heavy-duty spring steel shanks can be positioned for various row spacings and crop needs. Arched frame provides good crop clearance. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs with category "0" 3-point hitch.
Gannon Earthcavtor Earthcavator (Gannon Mfg. Co., Inc.)
Rotate bucket to scrape or scarify. This handy tool from Gannon saves your time and back on dozens of jobs. Level or backfill. Construct and maintain driveways, walks, golf courses, athletic fields. Do landscaping and grounds maintenance. Requires rear lift hitch. Two sizes, 36 or 42 inches. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs w/sleeve or Category "0" 3-point hitch.
insect fogger Fogger, Insect (Village Blacksmith Division of McGraw-Edison Co.)
Use the Blitz Fogger to control mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other insects. Dry fog kills on contact. Easily installed to your Ford Lawn and Garden Tractor. All fittings included. Automatic pressurizer insecticide tank with visual fuel gauge. One-half gallon Blitz Fog Insecticide included. Additional Blitz Fog Insecticide available. For most Ford models.
fork lift Fork Lift (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Lift, transport items with for Ford Lawn and Garden Tractor. Includes two adjustable heavy fork bars and mounting brackets for attaching to adapter. Fits on Category "0" 3-point hitch. Requires Brinly Hardy HH-1000 3-point A-frame adapter to compete. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs w/3-point hitch.
disc harrow Harrow, Disc (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Husky tandem type harrow with four gangs, each with four 11-in. heat treated steel blades. Gangs may be angled 10, 15 or 20 degrees to give the cutting action desired. Heavy-duty frame designed to hold concrete blocks for added ballast. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs with category "0" 3-point hitch.
drag harrow Harrow, Drag (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Smooth a 44-in. strip with this handy drag harrow. 14 spikes of high carbon steel break up clods - aid in preparation of smooth, level seedbeds. "Wedge-Lock" design permits fast relocation of spikes. May be used in tandem behind disc harrow. Weight strap and bolt included for attaching extra ballast. Attach to drawbar or sleeve-type hitch. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
Johnson front-end loader Loader, Front-End (Johnson Hydraulic Equipment Co.)
Just 5 seconds to lift up to 350 lbs more than five feet with this rugged and handy front end loader on your Ford Lawn and Garden Tractor. 67-in. clearance under fully raised bucket. 51-in clearance with bucket dumped. 20-in. reach, axle to bucket. 6-qt hydraulic reservoir, gear-type pump. Chrome plated double-acting cylinders. Attachments available include 38-in. and 48-in. materials buckets, 36-in. tine bucket and a pallet fork. Counterweight required on tractor. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
EGW front-end loader Loader, Front End (E.G. & W. Mfg. Co., Inc.)
Step up all front-end loader operations with heavy -duty 700-pound lift capacity. Self-leveling bucket holds the load to full lift height. Unit quickly and easily mounted or detached from tractor with special "Quik-Tach" mounting. Interchangeable 40-inch and 54-inch materials buckets, brush fork and fork lift available. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
reel mower Mower, Reel type (Roxy-Bonner, Inc.)
You'll like the quick hitch-up and the smooth mowing job. 21-in. mower units have 6.75-in. diameter reel with 5 blades on a husky 0.75-in. shaft mounted in sealed ball bearings. Each unit rides on two 3.25-in. wide tires. Height of cut adjusts from 0.625 to 2.125 inches. Cut a 60-in. swatch with the 3-gang model- 96 inches with the 5-gang model. These come complete with hitch. Hitches also available to pull one or two units. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
trailing rotary mower Mower, Trailing Rotary (BMB Company, Inc.)
Increase mowing capacity of Ford LGTs with the rugged BMB Suburban 48. Mow a 4-inch swatch fast and efficiently in grass, weeds, rougher growth. Independent 8-hp gasoline engine powers mower drive. 16-inch diameter gauge wheels are 4-inches wide, maintain selected cutting height. Tapered front opening in mower housing won't block material, permits clean, efficient cutting action. For all models.
fertilizer planter Planter, Fertilizer (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Plant and fertilize in one operation. This unit plants beans, peas, cotton, corn, cucumber, watermelon and other seeds (asparagus size and larger). Quick-change seed plates and three gear ratios for the planting rate you want. Over 80 seed plates available for numerous crops. Four plates, fertilizer hopper and row marker included. Fits tractors with sleeve hitch. Required HH-1000 adapter for 3-point hitch. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
vegetable planter Planter, Vegetable (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Plant very small size seed, such as celery and lettuce, or seed as large as some varieties of lima beans. Unit comes with three seed plates, gate control lever and row market. Precision die-cast hopper base for long life and accurate planting. Fits tractors with sleeve hitch. Required Brinly Hardy HH-1000 Adapter for use with Category "0" 3-point hitch. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
12-inch moldboard plow Plow, 12-in. (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Does an accurate, even plowing job. Gauge wheel with scraper helps maintain uniform depth. Plow adjusts for landing and width of cut. 11-in. coulter cuts through trash, aids in clean coverage. Economical "throw-away" shared reduce maintenance costs. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs with category "0" 3-point hitch.
72-inch three-point rake Rake, 72-in. (York Rakes)
Husky, heavy-duty trailer-type rake handles a multitude of landscaping and tillage chores. Remove stones, roots and debris. Spread gravel, crushed stone, topsoil. Break up sod, smooth and mulch soil. Grade and level. A useful tool in construction and maintenance of athletic fields, playgrounds, golf courses and others. Grader blade attachment available. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
72-inch sleeve hitch rake Rake, 72-in. (York Rakes)
This rake attaches to Category "0" 3-point hitch to make a highly maneuverable rig for landscaping and other jobs. Scarifier attachment rips up hard ground, speeds up grading and leveling work. Grader Blade attachment available. For Ford 125, 145, 165 LGTs with category "0" 3-point hitch.
48-inch trailer rake Rake, 48-in. (York Rakes)
Lighter weight, trailer-type rake works with all Lawn and Garden Tractors. Grade Blade available for grading or light ditching. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
power rake Rake, Power-Trailer Type (York Rakes)
Husky 3-hp engine powers 111 spring steel teeth as you groom your lawn. Do thatching. Clear grass clipping, leaves, prunings and debris into windrows. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
36-inch lawn roller Roller, 36-in. (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Heavy-duty roller can be pulled by any drawbar-equipped Lawn and Garden Tractor. 36 x 16-in. roller of heavy 11 gauge steel holds up to 31 gallons of liquid ballast. Seam welded with rounded edges to prevent turf damage on turns. Clevis hitch attached to tractor drawbar with single pin. Roller tongue easily removed for storage or transport. For all Ford models except Riding Mowers.
ganged lawn rollers Rollers, Single and Gang (Kensico Manufacturing Co., Inc.)
Big 24-in. diameter rollers leave a smooth surface. With water ballast, a 32-in. wide unit weighs 550 lbs, a 36-in. wide unit weighs 650 lbs and three 32-in. units ganged, for a work width of 88 inches, weigh 1,700 lbs. Roller bearings. Scraper bars keep surface clean. Tongue of heavy steel tubing rotates to reduce twist on tractor drawbar. Clevis or ball hitch. For all Ford models except Riding Mowers.
Hudson heavy-duty sprayer Sprayer, Trailer Type (H.D. Hudson Mfg. Co.)
Handle any sprayable materials- spray trees up to 35 feet tall. Power-Jet agitation keeps materials mixed for uniform application. Bonded lined steel tanks resist corrosion. Choice of five models with a selection of funs or booms meet a wide variety of spraying needs. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
Hudson light-duty sprayer Sprayer, Trailer Type (H.D. Hudson Mfg. Co.)
Spray trees, lawn with this trailer-type sprayer. 12.5 gallon galvanized steel tank, positive mechanical agitation. 2.5 gpm piston pump, pressure from 20 to 150 psi. Power gun to spray trees up to 25 feet high. Other attachments include 3-nozzle gun for extra wide coverage, turf spray attachment, 4-ft boom with 4 fan nozzles, hooded boom and root feeder with 32-in. tube. Hitch behind any Ford tractor or Rider Mower. For all models.
Mars sprayer Sprayer, Trailer-type (Mars Industries, Inc.)
Low cost boom-type sprayer covers 42 inches at a pass. Low pressure with constant metering for minimal drift. Trailer and mounting components of durable steel. All components in contact with chemicals are nonferrous or plastic. Easily disassembled for cleaning. No special tools required. Spray while mowing, if you like. For all models.
Amerind-MacKissic sprayer Sprayer (Amerind-MacKissic Inc.)
Unit comes complete with 25 ft high-pressure hose and hand spray gun. Boom attachment available to cover 80-in. wide area. 22 gallon polyethylene tank, no rusting or scaling. Unit comes complete with mounting parts. No tool required for mounting after bracket has been installed on tractor. For most models of LGT's.
drop spreader Spreaders (Gandy Company)
Shut off and turn on these husky spreaders from tractor seat. Stainless steel hopper bottom adjusts to apply fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides with accuracy. Rotor provides gentle agitation to maintain free flow of materials as jigglers move up and down to prevent bridging. Sleeve-type rotor bearings of sintered bronze are oil impregnated. Two sizes- 24-inch with 75-lb hopper and 42-inch with 227-lb hopper. For all models.
broadcast spreader Spreader, Broadcast (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Broadcast seeds, fertilizer or ice melters in a controlled pattern, up to 20 feet wide. 1.2 bushel polyethylene hopper won't rust. Agitator, base plate, shutter and control level of stainless steel. Calibrated control for flow rate. Single lever opens or closes gate, centers spread pattern. Model FF-200 mounts on drawbar or sleeve hitch- power by 12-bolt motor from tractor electrical system. Model FF-300 is a ground-driven pull-type. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
vacuum sweepster Sweeper, Vacuum (E Z Rakes, Inc.)
Pick up clippings, leaves, litter as you mow. Model 40 (shown) powered by a 4-hp Kohler engine- blow materials into canvas covered cart. Models 30 and 31 use a 4-hp Briggs & Stratton engine to blow materials into self-contained canvas bags, supported by caster wheels. All models fitted with 6-in. flexible hose. For all Ford models except Riding Mowers.
tractor toolbar Toolbar and attachments (Brinly Hardy Co.)
Multi-purpose 5-foot toolbar, welded to heavy-duty hitch, has rear extensions for attaching drags, other tools. Attachments include Scarifier Kit. Furrow Opener Kit. Sweep Package. Hiller Shovel Kit. Spring Tooth Kit. Disc Hiller Kit. Rake Kit (for use with Scraper Blade). Disc Gang Kit. Pulverizer Packer Kit. For Ford 100, 120, 125, 145, 165 LGTs.
utility tractor Trailer (The Snow Company)
Transport your Ford Lawn and Garden Tractor on one of these handy trailers. Tilt Deck with built-in traction strip makes loading and unloading easy. Wheels roll on tapered high-speed roller bearings. Adjustable axle with demountable wheels. Husky all steel frame. Lighting system conforms to federal regulations. Five models for the capacity you need. For all models.
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